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Description. The root of common Thorough Wax is long, slender, white and furnished with a few fibres. The first leaves are large, broad, oblong, undivided, and of a blueish green. The flowers stand at the tops of the branches, and are moderately large and yellow. The seeds are large and round.

Place. It is sometimes found in corn-fields and other cultivated places, but is not very common.

Time. It flowers in August.

Government and virtues. This is under Jupiter, and is accounted most excellent to stay all kinds of fluxes of blood, or humours in man or woman, whether at nose, mouth, or belly. The juice of the herb and root, or the decoction thereof taken with some Venice treacle, and the person laid to sweat, expels any venom or poison, or the plague, fever, or other contagious disease, as pox, measles, &c. for it is an ingredient in all antidotes or counter-poisons.

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