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Description. This Thorough-Wax differs much from the common. It has a small fibrous, sticky root, from which spring smooth and frequntly reddish stalks. The leaves are of a blueish green colour, of an oval shape, smooth, and not indented about the edges, full of nerves which run obliquely from the centre to the circumference of the leaf; they are perforated by the stalk, which runs through them, and is divided towards the top into several branches, at the ends of which grow small umbels of yellow flowers, usually five together, upon one stalk, with as many small leaves under each umbel, the three outermost being the largest; each flower is succeeded by two oblong striated seeds.

Place. It grows only among the corn.

Time. It flowers in June and July. The whole plant is used.

Government and virtues. This is a plant of Jupiter in Virgo. Thorough Wax is reckoned among the vulnerary plants, and is especially serviceable in green wounds, bruises, ruptures, contusions, as also for old ulcers and sores, either given in powder or the decoction.

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