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Description. The roots of this Valrian are long, slender, and creeping, sending out a few small white fibres. The leaves which spring from them, before the stalks run up to flower, are almost round, but somewhat pointed. The leaves which grow on the stalks, are like those of the garden kind, but less. We have two species of this Valerian, one whereof rises higher than the other, having usually thre pair of leaves set opposite; the umbels of flowers grow closer, and the flowers are a great deal smaller than the other, which rises not so high, and has usually but two pair of leaves on the stalks. The flowers are much larger, and like the garden Valerian, but of a pale purple colour, as are also the former.

Place. They grow both promiscuously in marshy grounds and moist meadows as in Battersea-field near the Thames, in great plenty.

Time. They flower in May.

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