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Description. This poppy differs from the rest, only that the leaves are divided into numerous fine segments, in a double pinnated manner. The stalk, which is usually four or five feet high, hath sometimes no branches at the top, and usually but two or three at most, bearing every one but one head wrapped up in a thin skin, which bows down before it is ready to blow, and then rising, and being broken, the flower within it spreading itself open, and consisting of four very large white round leaves, with many whitish round threads in the middle, set about a small, round, green head, having a horn or star-like point shooting out at the head thereof, which, growing ripe, becomes as large as a great apple, wherein are contained a great number of small round seeds in several partitions or divisions next unto the shell, the middle thereof remaining hollow, and empty. The whole plant, both leaves, stalks, and heads, while they are fresh, young, and green, yield a milk when the are broken, of an unpleasant bitter taste, almost ready to provoke casting, and of a strong heady smell. The root is white and woody, perishing as soon as it has given ripe seed.

Place. It is common in corn-fields.

Time. It flowers in July.

Virtues. An infusion of the flowers boiled into a syrup, partakes, in a slight degree, of the nature of opium. the juice of the same acrid and peculiar bitter taste with other species.

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