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Description. This pimpernel has divers weak square stalks lying on the ground, beset all with two small and almost round leaves at every joing, one against another, but no foot-stalks, for the leaves, as it were, compass the stalk. The flowers stand singly each by themselves at them and the stalk, consisting of five small round-pointed leaves, of a pale red colour, tending to an orange, with so many threads in the middle, in whose places succeed smooth round heads, wherein is contained small seed. The root is small and fibrous, perishing every year.

Place. This pimpernel is found in brooks, and by sides of running or standing waters.

Government and virtues. they are Solar herbs of a cleansing attractive quality, and moderately drying. The virtues of these pimpernels are much the same. t is a plant moderately warm and dry, with a little stiptieity, and is therefore accounted by some a good vulnerary. The juice being inwardly given by itself, or mixed with cow's milk, is useful in consumptions and distempers of the lungs; it is often put in cordial waters, as an alexipharmic, and good against malignant distermpers. It has been commended by some writers of note, as of singular advantage in maniacal cases, and in delirious fevers; are good to soler the lips of wounds, and to cleanse foul ulcers. The distilled water or juice is much esteemed by French dames to cleanse the skin from any roughness, deformity, or discolouring thereof; being boiled in wine and given to drink, it is a good remedy against the plague, and other pestilential fevers, if the party after it be warm in his bed, and sweat for two hours after, and use the same for twice at least. It also helps all stingings and bitings of venomous beasts, or mad dogs, being used inwardly, and applied outwardly. The same also opens obstructions of the liver, and is very available against the infirmities of the reins: it provokes urine, and helps to expel the stone and gravel out of the kindies and bladder, and helps much in all inward pains and ulcers. The decoction, or distilled water, is no less effectual to be applied to all wounds that are fresh and green, or old, filthy, fretting, and running ulcers, which it very effectually cures in a short space. A little mixed with the juice, and dropped into the eyes, cleanses them from cloudy mists, or thick films which grow over them, and hinder the sight. It helps the tooth-ach, being dropped into the ear on teh contrary side of the pain. It is also effectual to ease the pains of the hæmorrhoids or piles. Water pimpernel is a good deobstruent and antiscorbutic, abounding with volatile parts, very good for the scurvy, being an ingredient of the antiscorburic juices and diet drinks for that distemper. It is likewise detersive and cleansing, and useful in many inward obstructions.

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