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Description. This is a much less plant than the garden navew, having a long slender whitish sticky root, full of fibres at the bottom; the lower leaves are less and much jagged, and round at the ends. The stalks are smooth, and beset with the like smaller leaves. The flowers and seed are much alike.

Place. It is common on ditch banks.

Time. It flowers in June, and then very much resembles the turnip above ground.

Government and virtues. Andromachus Junior, in his account of the theriaca, prefers the seed of the wild sort before the garden, as of a hotter nature. The plant which is cultivated on some parts of England under the names of rape and cole-seed, is this, raised by culture, to something like the figure of the garden navew, the field culture giving it a middle aspect between the two. From the seed is made rape oil, and it is called rape-seed; but the careless herb folks often sell turnip seed to people who enquire for this.

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