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Description. This is an annual plant, having a small woody root which runs not very deep into the earth. The lower leaves are pretty broad, long, and roundpointed; the stalk grows to be two or three feet high, cornered, and without prickles, branching into several divisions towards the top: beset with lesser leaves an inch broad, and two inches long, pointed, and having a few, not very hard, prickles growing on them. The flowers stand on the ends of the branches, consisting of round scaly-heads, having a few spinulæ growing on them, outof the middle of which spring thrums of deep yellow or Saffron-coloured fistular flowers, succeeded by whitecornered, longish seed, narrow at one end.

Place. It is sown in fields and gardens.

Time. It flowers in July. the flower is called Safflower, and is much used in dyeing silk. The seed only is used in the shops.

Government and virtues. It is a Saturnine, and accounted a pretty strong cathartic, evacuating tough viscid phlegm, both upwards and downwards, and by that means is said to clear the lungs, and help the phthisic. It is likewise serviceable against the jaundice; though grown pretty much out of use.

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