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Description. This is a fine tall plant, the ornament of our meadows and damp woods. The stem is thick, firm, upright, and full five feet high. The leaves are broad, regularly notched, terminating in a point, of a beautiful green, and lightly hairy; they have no footstalks, and the flowers are large, of a pale red, and grow in a deep cup. The tops of this plant have a light fragrancy. The scent has been supposed to resemble that of apples in milk, andthe plant has thence obtained by the country-people the appellation of codlings and cream.

Place. It is also found by waters, and in shady copses.

Time. It flowers in June.

Governments and virtues. All the species of Willow-Herb have the same virtues; they are under Saturn in Aries, and are cooling and astringent. The root carefully dried and powdered, is good against bloody fluxes, and other hæmorrhages; and the fresh juice is of the same virtue.

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