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Description. The root is composed of a small head from which run numerous large fibres. The first leaves are oblong, of a dead green, and pointed at the ends. The stalk is round, erect, robust, considerably branched and two feet or more in height. The leaves upon this are large and moderately broad, of a dead green, hairy, not at all indented, and they are fixed to the stalk by their base. The flowers stand at the tops of the stalks in great numbers, and are small, and of a pale but lively colour.

Place. It is very common in many parts of England. Near Caen Wood there is a hedge decorated with it for forty yards.

Time. It flowers in June.

Virtues. The whole plant may be used, flowers, stalks, roots and all. They are (as before observed) under Saturn in Aries. Few plants afford so much variety of forms as this. We have figured the principal species, as they are very useful, and deserve to be better known. They are cooling and drying, and accounted good to stay all kinds of fluxes and loosenesses ; the gonorrhoea and nocturnal pollutions, by their softening cooling qualities allaying the acrimony of the seed, and thereby rendering persons less disposed to venery. The leaves are good to be applied on hot tumours and inflammations.

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