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Description. This is the most conspicuous and beautiful of all the Willow-Herbs, and is one of the finest of our wild plants. The root is large, and spreading. The first leaves rise in a thick tuft, and are long, narrow, and of a beautiful deep green on the upper-side, and of a silvery grey underneath; they have no foot-stalks, are perfectly even at the edges, and terminate in a point. The stalk rises in the centre of the leaves; it is thick, firm, upright, and five feet high. The leaves stand irregularly, but very beautifully upon it; they are long, narrow, and even at the edges, of a deep green on the upperside, and a silvery white below. The flowers are large and beautiful: they stand in a long spike, and are of a fine deep red. The seed vessels are long, and the seeds winged with down.

Place. It is a native of our northern counties, where it grows in damp meadows.

Time. It flowers in June and July.

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