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Description. It has divers large leaves, long, and somewhat broad withal, like those of the greater plantain, but larger, thicker, of a greenish colour, somewhat blue withal. From among which leaves rises up a lusty stalk, three or four feet high, with divers leaves set thereon; the higher the stalk rises, the smaller are the leaves; at the top it spreads divers branches, at the end of which appear very pretty, little yellow flowers, and after they pass away like other flowers of the field, come husks, long and somewhat flat withal; in form they resemble a tongue, in colour they are black, and they hang bobbing downwards. The seed contained within these husks (if it be a little chewed) gives an azure colour. The root is white and long.

Place. It is sown in fields for the benefits of it, where those that sow it , cut it three times a year.

Time. It flowers in June, but it is long after before the seed is ripe.

Government and virtues. It is a cold and dry plant of Saturn. Some people affirm the plant to be destructive to bees, and fluxes them, which, if it be, I cannot help it. I should rather think, unless bees be contrary to other creatures, it possesses them with the contrary disease, the herb being exceeding dry and binding. However,if any bees be diseased thereby, the cure is, to set urine by them, but set it in a vessel, that they cannot drown themselves, which may be remedied, if you put pieces of cork in it. The herb is so drying and binding, that it is not fit to be given inwardly. An ointment made thereof stanches bleeding. A plaister made thereof, and applied to the region of the spleen which lies on the left side, takes away the hardness and pains thereof. The ointment is excellently good in such ulcers as abound with moisture, and takes away the corroding and fretting humours. It cools inflammations, quenches St. Anthony's fire, and stays defluxion of the blood to any part of the body. The chief use of this plant is among the dyers, but it is possessed of virtues which claim our regard for their medical effects. The tops of the plant possess those in the greatest perfection, and a strong infusion of them is the best method of giving them. This operates by urine and is excellent against obstruction of the liver and spleen, but its use must be continued a considerable time.

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