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Description. The roots of this are long and slender, and furnished with many strings; the leaves are long and narrow, of a plae green; and also the stalk, which is a yard high. It is not much branched, and at top grow the flowers in a spiky order; they are small and yellow, and the seed-vessels resemble pea pods, only they are angular. The seed is small and brown, and the whole plant very much resembles hedge mustard.

Place. It grows upon rotten moist grounds, particularly in Derbyshire.

Time. It flowers in May and June.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars. The whole plant has a hot taste, and so have the seeds, which are good in rheumatic complaints, and in obstructions of the viscera, and in scorbutic disorders; but they are not now sufficiently regarded in the practice of physic. A poultice of the root resolves and disperses hard tumours in any part of the body. A pound of the root boiled in a sufficient quantity of water, is an excellent purge for horned cattle. In short, the active virtues of this plant are such as entitle it to a much greater share of attention than is commonly bestowed upon it. Small doses of the juice given with white wine, promote the menses, and hasten delivery; and in larger doses it is an excellent medicine in the jaundice, dropsy, and other complaints of a like nature. Made into a syrup with honey, and a small quantity of vinegar, it is beneficial in asthmatic complaints. It likewise kills worms in the stomach and intestines; and is good in hysteric cases, but for this purpose it must be given in very small quantities, and th use of it continued for some time.

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