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Description. The roots of Swallow-wort are small and stringy, spreading very much in the ground, and sending up many tough stalks, about a foot and a half, or two feet high, hardly able to support themselves, having at every joint two leaves, set opposite to one another, on very short foot-stalks, which are round at the base, an inch and a half broad in the widest part, and about three inches long, growing narrower and sharp-pointed; on the tops of the stalks come forth small bunches of fine leaved star-fashion white flowers; each of which in warm countries, where it is natural, is succeeded by two long slender pods, containing small flat seed, lying among a silky down.

Place. It grows with us only in gardens.

Time. It flowers in June.

Government and virtues. Jupiter owns this plant. The root, which is the only part used, and that not very often, is accounted a mighty counter-poison, both against the bad effects of poisonous herbs, or against the bites and stings of venomous creatures; it is also helpful against malignatn pestilntial fevers, which it carries off by sweat: it is good likewise against the dropsy and jaundice.

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