Saturday, March 31, 2001

Garlic tackles child infections

South African researchers may have found a simple and effective way of tackling dangerous infections - garlic.

The Child's Health Institute in Cape Town has found that garlic has antifungal and antibiotic powers.

Sid Cywes, Professor of paediatrics at the Red Cross Children's Hospital, discovered the garlic's power by chance while indulging in his favourite pastime, breeding and hybridising disas, an orchid type plant common on Table Mountain and the environs of Cape Town.

The beakers storing his cuttings became infected with a fungus. Consulting an old reference book, he tried garlic solution to control it.

Astonishing result

The effect was astonishing and he immediately wanted to try it on human infections.

He and colleague Peter de Vet are now ready to try the formula on the hospital ward.
Mr de Vet said: "I make it two parts water to one part garlic, and then put it in the centrifuge to get rid of the lumps."

"The aqueous solution is then administered to babies and children either mixed in with their milk bottle or some orange juice."

Source BBC News


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