Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ginger to boost your immune system

SOME foodstuffs act as positive guards to our health. You can use more of them in your diet or introduce them in a number of other ways

Ginger is stimulating and warming, and also boosts the immune system. You can use it fresh or powdered in food and drinks. Winter Warmer Tea Blend (£2.95 for 50g), which contains ginger slices, warms and soothes aching joints. A little fresh ginger grated into hot water makes a safe and pleasant remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy, while ginger essential oil (£10 for 10ml) can be blended in a base oil and massaged over the kidney area to stimulate the immune system. Rubbing the oil or a warming salve (£7 for 45g) on the feet can aid circulation and has a warming effect.

Source - Scotsman



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