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Headache Pain Relief Alternatives To Medication

by Ann Marier

When a person has a headache they will reach for their over-the-counter pain reliever to soothe their aching head. Which method of headache pain relief they choose depends on the individual, drug stores and pharmaceutical departments carry a large variety of pain relievers, all advertising to relieve pain in a unique way.

According to one report there is virtually no difference in the headache pain relieving qualities of any one over-the-counter medication save to the individual. Some people have sensitivities to one product or another, but the dosage and active ingredient of each pain reliever is virtually the same.

The report also indicated that the many different tablet forms or claims that the formula is specified for such needs as back pain are also advertising only, the products will still contain the same amount of active ingredient and the only real choice is the person's preference of ingestion.

There are also topical headache pain relief medications which are said to immediately relive headaches. This product contains potassium dichromate and white bryony as pain relievers. Nearly every person who has reviewed this product has claimed it works efficiently to relieve headache pain.

Alternate Headache Pain Relief Method

Some people do not react well to medications, even the safer over-the-counter medications, and choose to seek alternate headache pain relief. Some methods include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic sessions, and yoga.

Acupuncture has been a popular homeopathic method of headache pain relief in countries such as China for thousands of years. Today acupuncture is available in alternate medical clinics all over the country.

Massage therapy for headache pain relief is a smart option for most headaches suffers, especially if the pain is from tension headaches. In most cases relieving the pain in the neck and shoulders associated with a tension headache is enough to alleviate the head pain all together.

Chiropractic sessions can relax the body and realign the neck and spine, this realignment can cause the tension of certain muscles to decrease again resulting in headache pain relief. Migraine headaches can be caused by all sorts of external factors, one of which is body pain. Sometimes relieving the pain can get rid of the headache.

Yoga is a meditative form of exercise which stretches and relaxes the body. This type of activity will relieve aching muscles and tension in the body therefore causing head pain relief of most types of headaches.

Talking with a medical professional is the best way to determine the exact cause of head pain and make a decisive head pain relief strategy. This strategy will eliminate the headaches or make treatment plan the patient and doctor agree is the most efficient.

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