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Natural Cleaning Products and Going Green

by Nancy P

For those who suffer with asthma, harsh chemicals can be a danger in the home. Asthma attacks can trigger just from breathing them in. What happens when you use these harsh products is that tiny chemical droplets are left in the air and the lungs react. These harsh cleaning products have been shown to increase the incidence of asthma and respiratory effects in children. Natural cleaning products contain no artificial fragrances or irritants that could trigger an asthma episode.

Do not make your kids a target in their own home. The use of green cleaners is a safe alternative and they are gentle enough to use on a daily basis. You will avoid unnecessary harsh chemicals that can harm you & your health. Recommended green cleaning products can range from household cleaners, laundry detergents & softeners to body lotion, shampoo and bath products.

Consumers are taking measures to stay healthy by exercising, taking vitamin supplements, purchasing organic grown foods, etc. People seem to have an understanding of the benefits they can receive by changing their eating habits. They have no clue as to the outcome when using natural cleaning products or the fact that the harsh chemicals they use are a danger to their health. There are many products with ingredients that are considered hazardous. Manufacturers are not required to list them on the packages saying that it would reveal their “secret” recipe. In most cases, natural cleaners will have the ingredients listed on the package.

It’s easy being green! There are guidelines that need to be followed when claiming a product is natural. Non-toxic cleaning products should be made from all natural ingredients that are derived from renewable sources that are made with fruits, vegetables or plants. The cleaner must not contain petro-dyes. All natural cleaning products are made with no dyes and are essentially colorless. Green cleaners must not contain petro-artificial perfumes. They need to contain pure essential oils and must be biodegradable. This makes the natural product non-toxic.

Taking the step forward to “Go Green” can protect not only your health, but the environment as well. Most natural products break down quickly and harmlessly in the soil and water systems. Because of this, there will be no damage wildlife or our earth.

Not only are natural cleaners good for your health and the environment, they are cost-effective. When doing a price comparison between natural and conventional products, you might ask yourself how you could afford to go green. Because natural cleaners are concentrated you will use less of the product, thus making it last longer and of course, reaping the benefits.

Making changes can be a difficult transition. They say old habits are hard to break. Taking control and gaining knowledge tends to be a valuable benefit. The way to start is one room at a time. Become familiar with your product and when you are ready, toss the conventional cleaners. You will find when cleaning your home, it is not only greener, but you are able to work at a faster pace and be more efficient. You will find that non-toxic cleaning can give you a sense of gratification. You are now ready to transform your home into a non-toxic, safe and healthy haven.

About the Author: Taking a step for an all-green environment is a wise choice. Why should you risk your health while cleaning your home? Consider switching to all natural cleaning products today! For more information, please visit: Natural Cleaning Products.

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