Monday, October 25, 2004

Evening Primrose

I have just completed a new page for Complete Herbal on the Evening Primrose. What a fantastic plant!

Of course I have known about evening primrose oil (EPO) for a long time, my friend used to sell EPO capsules to health food shops. What I wasn't aware of is how other parts of the plant have been used for centuries. It's a shame that I didn't collect any seeds from my mother's garden as I now feel the urge to plant some and at least try the roots boiled (as a treatment for obesity it sounds very interesting).

As for the web site; Culpeper's Complete Herbal is coming along slowly - I have nearly finished R where, believe it or not, I learnt all about Mangel Wurzel (aka root of scarcity). And I am now beginning my next piece of research into F for Fennel.


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