Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Herbal tranquiliser ban opposed

Complementary health experts have opposed a ban of the herbal medicine Kava-kava.
The herb is used as a natural tranquiliser, and as an alternative to Valium.
But it has been linked to cases of liver damage, and a UK medicine watchdog is considering a ban.

Scientists meeting at the Symposium on Complementary Medicine at Exeter University say that would be an "over reaction".

Sixty-eight cases of suspected liver damage associated with the use of medicinal products containing Kava have been reported worldwide, three of which were in the UK.

Six patients who had liver failure needed liver transplants and three others died.

But complementary health campaigners claim side effects from Kava-kava are rare, and the risk of liver damage is similar to that associated with Valium.

Source BBC News

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